What to Keep an Eye Out For When Thrifting

When it comes to donate South Florida and thrifting, there are so many things that can play into a shopping trip being successful or not. You need to be able to go thrifting and have the result be the best one it can be. A great way to do this is by knowing what to look for and what to do before you go. It also matters to know what to do once you are there. Below is a detailed list of some of the best things to know and keep in mind when you are planning to go thrifting to get the best possible results.

Small Towns

You should never go to one of these shops if it is located in an expensive area. The prices in the shops will match the area, so the smaller the neighborhood, the cheaper the prices.


Saturdays may seem like the best day to shop because you might not be working that day, but this is not true. It is honestly best to shop on Wednesdays because there are fewer people.

No Price Matching

People often overlook that these stores are different from others. That means there is no such thing as price matching. You should never expect prices to be the same from one store to the next.


A label can tell you a lot about the items you are thinking of buying. A tag can tell you the brand and year of production. Some websites help people with finding more important information.

Store Specialties

When you are looking into buying from new stores, you should know what they are best known for having. Some stores might be better known for their furniture, making them not ideal for your needs.


It is always a great thing to know when the stores you visit restock their shelves. This will help you be able to pick out wonderful items before anyone else can scoop buy them first.

Gift Cards

It may be hard to believe, but even some thrift stores have gift cards. You can get one for someone, get one from someone, or even find one to use yourself during your next shop.


When it comes to buying vintage clothes, you have to keep in mind that they always run anywhere from four to six sizes smaller. That is why being able to try them on is important.

Off Season

It is always advised to buy items when they are off season because they will be marked cheaper. For example, a winter coat will be cheaper to buy during the summer when it is hot.


When it comes to repurposing, many people think of items that are not clothing, but you can do a lot of repurposing with clothing. That shirt with the pattern you like makes a nice purse.

Twice a Week

New items are put onto the floor every day, so it is advised that you go to your favorite stores twice a week. This will give you a better chance at finding the right items.

Limit Time

If you are shopping at multiple stores or when you are not, you should limit the time you spend in the store. If you spend too long, you are likely to buy items not needed.

Dress for Shop

When you are going to these kinds of stores, you should consider what you plan to wear. You do not want to dress in expensive clothing for fear of the prices being raised on you.

Three Weeks

Most stores usually take them around three weeks to add items that have just come in to be put on sale. This is not always the truth as it depends on how new it is.

Day After Markdowns

The very day items are marked down, the thrift store is going to be a complete madhouse. This means you should wait until the day after the markdown for fewer people but still good deals.

Markers of Quality

When it comes to buying used clothing, you never know what you are going to find. That is why you should know the signs of good quality in clothing, old and new, to buy smart.

Pinterest Board

If you are planning to shop for certain items, then a Pinterest board is a must. It can help you organize your ideas and plan out the kinds of items you should buy when shopping.

Befriend Employees

If you can become friends with the employees, you should. It is helpful to have someone watching your back in the store because they can inform you of discounts and put back items for you.

80-95% Retail Price

If the clothing you are looking at has a store price tag still from where it was bought, you should look at it closely. The price you are going to pay should be significantly lower.

Seasonal Coupons

Seasonal coupons are a common thing to see during parts of the year, such as during holidays. The thing to remember though is that some stores raise their prices of items on the seasonal sales.

Donation Coupons

Some stores will give coupons for donating many different items to their store. This means you need to know if the stores you plan to visit do or not before you go to the store.

Kids Clothing

A child will burn through clothes very quickly as they are growing, so buying from a thrift store is a great option. You can keep their closet stocked with great clothes without having the expense.

Return Policy

You should know the policies of the stores around you that you plan to visit. This is important because some stores will allow items to be returned for store credit but not every store will. For more info on how to donate South Florida for those in need, contact us today.

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