DIY Summer Decor Ideas

We are in the heat of summer and everyone is dreaming of a beach day and an ice cold glass of lemonade. If you are not sure how to decorate for summer, consider going to the thrift store to find some low-budget ideas to decorate your home. Do it yourself or involve your kids for extra summertime fun! 

DIY projects are a clever way to liven up your living space and get creative. If you are ready for some fun, festive summer decor, then here are a few DIY projects to get you started and brighten your home up in a matter of minutes. The best part is that you can find so many wonderful pieces to use from the thrift store, without needing to spend much money. 

 Here are a few things to look for on your next thrift store outing to craft the perfect project.

Mason Jars

These nifty jars can function as more than just storage or glasses. You can actually use them for a wide variety of projects and creative endeavours. While there are endless possibilities, here are two quick craft ideas you could do now. 

DIY Summer Mason Jar Luminaries are probably one of the easiest crafts to do for any outdoor space. All you need to purchase  are a few small mason jars, or clear cups. Once you get your glass of choice, look around for some small tea light candles. Any color you prefer can work with this part. You can find the rest of the steps here! 

Brighten up your next picnic with these cute mason jar utensil holders. All you will need is some paint, a few mason jars, sharpie, and some ribbon. Get your friends involved and make matching lemon, strawberry, or watermelon themed jars. They will be a hit with all of your guests and give you a reason to have your next summertime family barbeque!  

Tea and Coffee Pots

Look no further than the thrift store for your next teapot planter! If you are wanting to add some greenery around your house, try this project. You will need to find an old teapot, french press, and some seeds. Once you have found the perfect plantar, follow the instructions and create your next masterpiece. 


If you have an eye for design or want somewhere to place that beautiful vase of flowers, then this DIY mirror tray project is just for you! Find a small mirror to go on top of your dining or living room table as a tray. Choose one with minimal scratches and a style that works in your space. If this is an outdoor project then find a mirror that looks sturdy enough to withstand the weather. Find some handles to add to the sides and then follow the steps to complete the rest for the finished look.

No matter what the project is that you take on, the point is to have fun. Enjoy shopping around and coming up with your own thrift store inspired DIY summer ideas. 

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