DIY Fall Decor Ideas

How To Find The Perfect DIY Fall Decor At Your Local Thrift Store

If you love to decorate for each season but find yourself on a restricted budget, then consider taking yourself shopping at your local thrift store for your next DIY fall decor haul. 

Why should you buy your fall decorations at a thrift store?

  • Buying used items saves you money.
  • Used decorations can be modified to fit your style.
  • Thrift stores carry interesting and unique items that not everyone will have. 

Alright, now that you are sold on the idea of thrifted fall decorations. So now what? Well, not that you are saving money, and doing good by reusing items, here is a list of the top 10 items to look for at a thrift store this fall.

7 Items To Look For At Your Local Thrift Store This Fall


Lamps are a great find because they are practical and can be used all year round. You can even change out your lampshades according to season. Having the right one can change the mood of your space. You can look for small forest green ones to compliment the look of your living room or go for a larger one that brightens up a space for a lighter tone to your home. 

Baskets/Wicker Items

Baskets are wonderful tools for organization as well as style. You can use them to store blankets in your living room,  shoes in your front room, or to hold an arrangement of dried flowers in your bedroom. Give your home the vintage farmhouse look you’ve been trying to achieve with a thrifted basket. Don’t exclude other wicker items from your search, either!  Look for wicker table mats, baskets, and anything else that catches your eye.

Faux Flowers

This one is a no-brainer. Finding faux-flowers is a fun challenge, and can spruce up the look of any space. It’s convenient because they won’t die and some of them have quite realistic-looking stems, making it hard to spot a fake. Plenty of times you can also find twigs or sticks for more of a fall-themed feel. 

Brass Or Copper Items

Keep your eyes peeled for things like copper pots, candlesticks, decorative dishes, and other similar dishes on your next visit to Community Family Thrift. Use small copper candle holders on your table as a decoration, or use a copper bowl as a centerpiece on your living room table.  


Glassware is not limited to just cups. This can include jars, glasses, decorative plates, or colored dishes and serving trays. These are easy to look for and you can find all sorts of interesting glassware to use as flower-holders, decorative pieces, and more. You can also find large glass items to store any fall treats. 

Old Books

Old books are good for more than just reading. Once you find a few that catch your eye, arrange them on a dresser with a few pumpkins or figurines to go with the fall theme of your dreams.


Look for acid-washed mirrors or old picture frames to place around your home. The acid-washed mirrors give you a certain vintage look straight from your dream vision board while old picture frames can be used as a subtle touch all around your home.

Now, let’s review!

7 Must-Have DIY Fall Decor Thrift Shop Items

  1. Lamps
  2. Baskets/Wicker Items
  3. Faux Flowers
  4. Brass Or Copper Items
  5. Glassware
  6. Old books
  7. Frames/mirrors

Get a head start on your DIY fall decor this year and stop by any of our Community Family Thrift locations today.

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