What Can’t I Donate?

Spring cleaning is the perfect time for everyone to take a look at everything they own and decide what they need, don’t need, can’t live without with, or haven’t looked at in the last 20 years. It’s a relief to get rid of things that you just don’t use anymore and take up space. 

While many may choose to just throw everything out, you can always donate it to your local consignment shop. It’s the perfect way to give back to your community and clear out that much-needed space in your home. Before you decide to donate to a local South Florida thrift store, you should be aware that there are certain items they won’t take off your hands.


Unfortunately, most if not all local South Florida thrift and consignment stores won’t accept food items as a donation. They don’t have space to store food items, which can lead to them spoiling and causing a mess. Even if the food has never been opened and isn’t expired, it isn’t an item that will be accepted. Instead, consider donating food items to organizations such as a homeless shelter or other services that assist people in need.

Paints, Pesticides, and Other Household Chemicals

Potentially harmful chemicals are also not accepted. These can potentially be dangerous as these thrift and consignment stores aren’t sure of how they’ve been previously stored and what’s inside of them. They can leak, cause spills, and lead to dangerous situations. Before donating paint, pesticides, or other household chemicals to your local South Florida thrift store, make sure to check with your local and state regulations on how to properly dispose of them.

Broken Furniture and Damaged Clothing

Furniture and Clothing are two of the most common items you’ll find in any local thrift store. That said, all of that clothing and furniture is taken as is to the showroom. Most thrift stores aren’t equipped with a washer and dryer, and so these items are immediately ready for purchase. They don’t have the ability to spend the time repairing broken furniture or remove the stain from a shirt. If you’re packaging up items to donate and feel that it’s beyond saving to wear or use, it probably is. In that case, check to see when your neighborhood’s bulk pickup day. While your donations are always appreciated, it’s important to consider that you’re donating back to your community, and not just getting rid of it to make it someone else’s problem.

Give Back To Your Local South Florida Thrift Store

When you’re ready to donate your belongings to a local South Florida thrift store, consider Community Family Thrift. We’re proud to offer our second-hand goods across South Florida. If you’re interested in scheduling your donation pickup, simply contact us today!

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