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What Does The Supply Chain Disruption Mean For My Furniture Order?

It’s the new year, so it only makes sense to move on from some of your older furniture pieces that need to be replaced. You’ve gone to showrooms, looked online, and found the exact furniture pieces to fill your home. Maybe you’re planning on moving to South Florida and already have your order in for brand new furniture to arrive. However, when you arrive you might notice a distinct lack of furniture anywhere. That’s because furniture suppliers are suffering from crippling supply chain shortages and delays, leaving you without a mattress to sleep on. But what exactly is going on with the furniture supply chain, and what can you do while your furniture is missing?

What’s Happening To The Supply Chain?

From your brand new sofa to computer chips to breakfast cereal, we are experiencing a significant disruption across the global supply chain. This disruption has been going on since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting everything from the manufacturing to the transportation. Factories have been shut down and there’s a lack of employees to make the same level of production pre-pandemic. Production centers that were able to stay active were operating in a drastically reduced capacity.

Because of this, many of the things we utilize daily now come at a premium due to limited supply. This also means that the furniture you likely ordered is well behind its delivery schedule. This could leave you in a compromising position, as you’ll have nothing for your home while you wait for your full furniture delivery. So what can you do in the meantime?

Quickly Purchase Gently Used Stopgap Furniture While You Wait

While you wait on your furniture order for the next few months, you’ll need something to use for the meantime. Thankfully, Community Family Thrift has you covered. Every week, we receive brand new shipments of furniture in like-new to brand new condition that will cost you a fraction of the cost of your incoming furniture. Our stores have pieces to fill out your home from top to bottom, in the meantime, saving you from either paying an arm and a leg in the meantime, or find another place to stay while you wait.

All of our locations have a wide selection of furniture capable of outfitting any room within your home. Whether you need a sofa for your living room, bed frame for the master bedroom, or a dining room set, we have what you’re looking for in the meantime and then some. Don’t let the pandemic and the supply chain disruption stop you from enjoying your home to the fullest, and outfit your home quickly with furniture from Community Family Thrift. Visit our locations in Miami and Boca Raton today!

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