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5 Tips For Finding Patio Furniture This Summer

With Summer here, it’s the perfect opportunity to make the most out of your home’s exterior space and enjoy amazing weather surrounded by your loved ones. However when you step outside onto your patio, lanai, or backyard, you probably noticed it’s time to update your seating area—that’s okay! Summer approaching makes this the ideal time to invest in patio furniture, but it’s not as easy as you might think. Unlike indoor furniture, there’s a few factors to consider when finding patio furniture for your home.
Don’t Forget The Weather

When searching for patio furniture for your home, it’s very important to consider the weather. Your environment will actually affect the lifespan and appearance of the patio furniture you choose. Damp conditions such as South Florida’s weather can cause patio furniture rot over time. Direct contact with heavy amounts of sunlight will cause colors and designs to fade, bleach fabrics, and destroy plastics over time. If you live near the coast, salty air can damage & weaken iron pieces.

Ultimately, it’s critically important to think about how the weather will wear down your patio furniture over time. If your space receives a significant amount of sunlight or rainfall, it might be a good ideal to invest in cloth covers for all of your patio furniture pieces as well to ensure they stay out of direct contact with the environment when not in use. This can help prolong your patio furniture’s lifespan for years to come instead of just watching it wither away.

Make Sure Your Patio Furniture Fits

It’s easy to fall in love with a patio furniture set the moment you lay eyes on it, but we strongly recommend measuring your space first. Are you limited to a narrow balcony, or do you have a full size deck space? These play key factors in how well your new patio furniture will fit. When measuring your outdoor space for new furniture, keep in mind the flow of traffic as people move around, having enough space for a barbecue or pool if applicable, etc. Consider measuring your space to have the dimensions on hand, as well as a sketch of how you intend on laying out your furniture.

Comfort Is Key

When looking for patio furniture, it’s only natural to rush towards the most beautiful set. However, keep in mind that you plan on using your patio furniture, so you want something that also offers function alongside form. If you fall in love with a set that doesn’t come with pillows or cushions, you can always look to buy them separately—however make sure they’re intended for outdoor use, as they’ll be made from a fabric intended to stand up to the environment better than usual indoor pillows.

Simply put: try out your patio furniture before you buy!

Where Will You Store It?

Consider if your garage or shed has enough space to store it all. This is a significant concern during Hurricane Season, as heavy winds can potentially damage your furniture if left outside. You’ll likely have to move everything yourself in the event of inclement weather, so consider this before purchasing large, heavy pieces of furniture.

Patio Furniture Doesn’t Need To Break The Bank

When looking for patio furniture for your South Florida home, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to cost an exorbitant amount! In fact, you’re able to find stunning patio furniture right here at Community Family Thrift. All of our pieces are in unbelievable condition, and cost a fraction of what you’ll pay at larger furniture stores in South Florida. With a constantly evolving inventory, you’re sure to find a stunning patio set that’s right for your home. Visit any of our stores to see what we have in store today!

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