What Sets Community Family Thrift Apart from Goodwill, Salvation Army & Other Consignment Locations

Thrifting is a great and popular way to find gently-used items that fit your personal style. There are plenty of national names, but shopping local throughout South Florida can be an excellent way to give back to the community and help out local businesses. Here are just a few ways that Community Family Thrift is different from national consignment services like Goodwill and Salvation Army: 


Thrifting with Community Family Thrift

We have furniture galore

When most people think of traditional thrift stores, they might think of rows upon rows of clothes. However, with Community Family Thrift, we’ve made an effort to have quality furniture pieces available! We’re one of the largest used furniture outlets in South Florida. We have a wide selection of furniture to meet your home’s needs!


We don’t gatekeep our high-end merchandise

Other thrifting retailers will list higher-end merchandise online only, making it impossible to buy those items in stores. We know that the best thrifting experiences are in person. We also believe that everyone should have the chance to buy quality merchandise whether they have internet access or not. At Community Family Thrift, we put all of our merchandise on our showroom floor. 


Our merchandise changes daily

Just as our regulars: you’ll never see the same things twice at Community Family Thrift! Some of our frequent shoppers have even told us they’ve seen different merchandise throughout the same day. Our priority is to showcase our wide range of items, so you never know what you’ll come across!


We welcome resellers and dealers

We understand that reselling can be a great way to get quality pieces back into the market and into a good home. We’ll work alongside resellers and dealers to ensure they get great pieces at even better prices. 


Looking for a reliable, local donation center? Consider giving us a call; you can schedule a pickup with us, and our team can handle the rest! We also have several Community Family Thrift donation centers that you can visit to drop off things you no longer need. In the market for something new for your home or wardrobe? Give Community Family Thrift, South Florida’s #1 thrift store, a visit! You never know what kind of treasures you will find for your entire family. 


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